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Leo has Cerebral Palsy which restricts his physical movement.  We have worked together since 2005 and he was the initial inspiration for me to create E.ET. Music.  He has a wonderfully creative imagination, razor - sharp attention to detail and a stunning memory capacity.  He is a natural writer and teller of stories and this seems to be the approach he takes to his music.  Taking samples anywhere from Disney soundtracks, classic musicals, sitcoms from the 70’s up until today, to American cartoon series and live music D.V.D’s, Leo creates his own unique sound scapes.  Please take the time to view the photo book of Leo in action by visiting The Gallery


Music Production workshops at Treloars with class sizes ranging from nine students up to over twenty for ‘Arts Week’.  As all the partaking students have physical disabilities the workshops are based around creating percussive beats and electronic music using sounds recorded entirely from their wheelchairs or the students own voices. The sessions close with the students dancing, chanting, beat boxing and where possible playing percussion to the music we have created together over the previous hour.



I work with several groups at different Priory Hospital sites.  The type of activity depends on the age and type of group.  Each group has evolved over the years and I have tailored each one to meet the various group’s needs.  For general adolescent groups the classes are based around Music Production, Music imagery or Drumming with the emphasis being on participation, building self - esteem and creating a space for much needed expression to take place.  On the Eating Disorder Units I facilitate African or Afro - Cuban drumming groups for both adult and adolescent groups as well as music imagery.  These allow a time to settle the mind, release emotions and partake in an activity without being too hooked on results. With the Adult General admissions and Addiction treatment programmes we run African and Afro - Cuban percussion workshops and most recently drum kit lessons.  In these groups patients are able to truly experience living in the moment and build not only their confidence but co - ordination, concentration and self - esteem.   Since starting work on Britain’s flagship unit for patients with Behavioural Personality Disorders at Roehampton, I have introduced singing groups with acoustic guitar accompaniment  to all units.  This was inspired by the patients on the unit and has transferred well to all other units




The Riverhouse Trust in Hammersmith is a centre for people who live with H.I.V.  We ran an African drumming group from 2010 through to 2011.  The group was originally planned to run for 6 weeks but proved so popular that the group successfully applied for local government funding which meant we were able to keep it going for over a year.  The participant’s feedback stated that they benefited not only by improved co - ordination, concentration and relaxation but also from having to discipline themselves to be somewhere at a set time every week.  The group has since re - started in 2013 and continues to be a great success.  



The pupils at Oak Lodge have a wide range of special needs.  I worked with five classes over two terms in 2010, some of whom were non - verbal and all of whom have cognitive or behavioural conditions. With the four junior classes we made the classes into jam sessions using African drums and a variety of musical instruments, which culminated in an end of term performance for staff and parents.   With the senior class that I worked with and also one of the junior classes in which the pupils were non - verbal I also worked with them to create a c.d. Of music created from the sounds they made with their voices.


Running music groups in care homes for the elderly at Muswell Hill and Tottenham I work alongside the respective activities co - ordinators as the residents play African drums and various percussion, often along to pre recorded music.  We have a fantastic response on the whole with people as old as 90 finding within them the energy to drum for an hour almost non - stop.  Most of the residents suffer from degenerative conditions such as dementia and physical weakness but this does not stop them being determined to pick up new  skills and express themselves musically.  Often at the end of sessions I am blessed when the residents recall and share with me stories from their past and I have made a recording of them speaking and singing.  It is a poignant sonic collage of memories and hopes for the future.




Alongside organisations including  Westplay, Zimbabwe Women’s Network, A2 Dominion and Brentford Toy Library I run community dance and drum workshops at regular times between May and November in the Brentford / Islworth areas of West London.  These are a part of free family days and are for all ages to take part in, bringing together communities in a positive way.  This year (2012) we ran a fantastic event with an exchange group from Zambia.







"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away" - Henry David Thoreau

Below is a list of clients and partners both past and present along with a brief description of the type of work carried out.  To  read some of their comments please go to the testimonials page…


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