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Drum Kit tuition  using Pearl Masters MMX series drums and Zildjian Cymbals


Asked to play a basic, elementary pattern such as the one shown in Example 1, students will reveal much more than their level of musicianship. States such as low self-esteem or over confidence become apparent through body language and by equilibrating these emotions through support and challenge, students will become stronger musically and in other areas of life. Focus, concentration, co-ordination, organisational skills, awareness of breath and physical fitness will all improve as well as a huge sense of achievement as a student progresses with their learning. Playing drums is truly one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities available to us.

Having played drum kit for 25 years there is still so much to learn - so much - yet I have plenty to share. Interpretations of Afro - Cuban and West African rhythms are a large part of my own drum kit playing and these can offer a fresh approach to playing for even experienced players of this most wonderful of musical instruments.  Beginners and anyone wishing to refresh themselves after a break from the drums are most welcome.  

Lessons are structured to the needs and wishes of the individual with focus given to musical application, versatility, ergonomics and posture as well as technique, groove and timing. In keeping with the general philosophy of EET Music the aim is to help each student find his or her voice on the drums, develop as a musician and of equal importance, as a person. I often accompany drum kit students by playing djembe or conga so they are given a taste of playing with a percussionist. I feel it is important to prepare for real situations such as recording in studio environments (both with and without a click track) and inter - personal relationships with other musicians.  

Taking care of the body

A major part of the teaching is based around posture, reach, distance, and finding the most effective grip and foot technique for the individual in question. At eetmusic we are great believers in ear protection and will ask that students wear earplugs when playing drumkit in any sitiuation. Focus is also given to teaching stretching exercises which, aside from the health benefits will also improve playing techniqu

Lessons take place in the comfortable surroundings of The Joint in Central London or if you prefer in the home, school, college or workplace. Contact and Pricing…

                                      "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" - Buddhist Proverb

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Is there someone you know who has always wanted to learn to play drum kit or hand drums?  Perhaps they used to play and yearn to pick up where they left off.  Give them the perfect gift for a birthday or other special occasion with one of our special packages ranging from a one off lesson to a specially priced series of 5 or 10 lessons.  For prices or more information go to gift vouchers…



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