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Sample based music production

How it works:

For those with physical disabilities, cognitive conditions and who may be non - verbal I offer the opportunity to work with sampling technology such as the AKAI MPC2000XL (pictured below) alongside a Technics 1210 turntable, computer software and any communication aid that individuals may use in their everyday life. When using this method to create music  a person's physical ability is rendered almost irrelevant.

                                  A sampler such as the MPC (pictured left) allows any sound to be recorded (through a microphone) manipulated if so desired and layered with more sounds to create sequences or songs. The technology is digital but works much like a tape recorder with functions such as 'record, 'play', 'fast forward' and 're wind. It is the favourite sampler used by artists and producers such as Kanye West, Pete Rock and Dr. Dre

The advantages of this method:

The disadvantages:

Having to stop at some point! Once the creative process is flowing it really can take some discipline to bring a session to an end.


Collaboration is an on going project with no ending in sight.  It encompasses all the recordings I have made with clients since E.E.T. Music began in 2009 and though they are unrelated in terms of one another they each create a record of a very special moment in time.  The nature of much of the E.E.T. Music client base means that confidentiality is often a key factor and this being so I have chosen not to include any examples of recordings at this time.  I would love one day soon to present a compilation of the various recordings and am seeking written permission from various parties in order to make this a reality. For a brief description of various projects so far go to clients...



           "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." -- Victor Hugo