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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and support, for believing in me and making me believe in myself.  You reminded me of what it is to enjoy being alive - I couldn’t have done it without you.

Patient (General adult ward, The Priory, North London)

Dear David, You’ve been a great music teacher, you gave me confidence to believe that I might make a good songwriter one day.  Your music therapy sessions have been great and very enjoyable.

Patient (CAMHS Unit, The Priory,North London)

I have been to David’s groups in two different treatment centres over several months and have found them both helpful and enjoyable. They have always been the highlight of my week.   David does his best to bring people out of their shells and engage in the music.  The sessions have helped remind me I can enjoy life and do what I want without being judged. I am very grateful to David for his enthusiastic input to all the patients he helps

Patient (CAMHS Unit, The Priory, Roehampton and North London)

Takes your mind away from the ward and all stresses and worries and takes you to a place where you can be FREE!

Patient (Adult Eating Disorder Unit, The Priory Roehampton)

Without fail the group lifts our spirits and calms our anxieties -the drumming distracts us from troublesome thoughts.  David is a fantastic facilitator - his enthusiastic, relaxed and down to earth attitude creates a calm, positive atmosphere.  He is encouraging without being patronising and always manages to make people feel better about themselves.  He treats us like ‘normal’ human beings and helps us to engage in the group however and whatever we feel like.

Patient (Adult Eating Disorder Unit, The Priory Roehampton)

Thank you so much for your beautifully fun drumming lessons.  They were always the highlight of my week helping me unwind, let my anger out and forget for a while.  Thank you again and I will never forget your lessons.

Patient (Adolescent Eating Disorder Unit, The Priory Roehampton)

Working with various units throughout the hospital (Addictions, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders and Adolescent services) the music classes David provides have become a valuable part of our treatment programme.He has adapted each class to provide for the different requirements of each specialist group.The classes have proved to be an inspiring, creative, therapeutic outlet for patients who are able to become truly self aware and have encouraged clients to overcome fears and reinstated a belief in their own possibilities.This is mirrored by a definite change in their body language and mood.  This group has become one of the most popular on our programme.

D.Nicholson (Therapy Services Manager, The Priory Hospital, Roehampton)

David is a natural and gifted teacher extracting from our young people wholehearted keenness for their individual and group percussion lessons. We can unreservedly recommend him to anyone seeking a percussion teacher.

R. Whittle (Hon Secretary - Tower Hamlets Youth and Community band)

The drumming sessions offered by David for our Adolescent Service is amazing. The group session invites all, regardless of the illness they are suffering from ranging from depression, psychosis, anxiety, to patients who are mute. The atmosphere in the room promotes a sense of calmness and focus ; You feel like you are ‘in the zone'.  The session as a whole puts you into a state of relaxation where you leave the group feeling like you've released your stresses and feel much lighter from within.

Gurshinder (Psychology Assistant)

To David, thank you for giving me the egg I like to spin it.  You are nice and not angry.

Year 6 pupil (Oak Lodge School)

Dear David, Thank you for teaching us expressive music.  I like the guitar and you are happy and not grumpy.

Year 6 pupil (Oak Lodge School)

We can't thank you enough David for all your hard work and dedication. Every one of the students has benefited from your enthusiasm and kindness!

Teaching staff (Oak lodge school)

Thoroughly engaging group workshops which resulted in original and unique music being made.

Nabillah Hussein (Teacher / Arts week manager - Treloars College)

The recording session has really enthused the few patients who perhaps found it difficult to apply the drumming sessions to the music they enjoy listening to every day. The patients seem to enjoy the sessions and fully participate. David is able to connect with the patients and they respect him.

Alison (Activities Coordinator)

David's attitude and approach encourages participation from all - no matter what state of mind or ability they may be at. It's an empowering way for the unit to start the week.

Alex (Health Care Assistant)

                              "Music can change the world. "-- Ludwig Van Beethoven

Client testimonials  (some of the following are from  hospital patients who must remain anonymous)


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